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We are a locally owned & operated, certified fitness & nutrition coaching company in Owasso, Oklahoma. Helping others reach their next level fitness goals is our passion. Whether you want to tone up, increase your energy levels, or push yourself to perform better, our job is to listen and get you there! 


Next Level Kids Spring Break Camp - March 17th-21st 2014 - Combined effort between NLF and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Owasso. Click here for more information and registration.

We are an official TRX affliliate, and you will not find another affiliate within 25 miles!  TRX originated in the Navy Seals  8 years ago and consists of gear and workout that train all levels of people for many different goals.

What is suspensions training?

A propriety form of training, invented by TRX, that leverages your body weight to help build strength, lose weight, and increase flexibility using the TRX Suspension Trainer.

What is Rip training?

Exercise that builds core and overall strength while providing a great cardiovascular workout using the TRX Rip Trainer, a tool comprised of a lever bar and a resistance cord. 


Check out our Personalized Nutrition Plans Page for a customized, no guess-work diet to meet your individual health and fitness needs.  These programs are based off of each individuals basil metabolic rate and daily caloric needs, factoring in their activity level and daily exercise.  Whether you are wanting to compete athletically in a particular sport, put on lean muscle mass, or lose weight, we've got a day-by-day, meal-by-meal plan just for you!  You can even purchase and pay online! 


Next Level Kids is a sports performance program for ages 8-16.Training is designed to facilitate speed, agility, and endurance and can be tailored for individual performance or entire teams.This is a great way for coaches to kick start the season and for parents to ensure the success of their child in their chosen sport.We work with martial artists, runners, football, soccer,softball, baseball, basketball players,and individual athletes.To schedule a trial session for your child or team, give us a call at 918-553-6277. 

The New Year has finally arrived as anticipated, and many of us have set high goals for a more fit 2014!  Two of Owasso's premier fitness facilities have teamed up to bring you the solution to achieving your resolutions!  Owasso's premier 24 hour fitness facility, Optimal Fitness, and Owasso's cutting- edge functional training facility, Next Level Fitness, bring to you the Owasso Slim Fit 90 Challenge!  The Slim Fit 90 program is a 90 day weight loss and fitness challenge that will offer not only access to two facilities, but also access to weight loss classes, workout routines, diet planning and continual support, monthly measurements, access to weight loss-facilitating supplements, tanning, sauna, and full shower facilities/locker rooms.  All at an incredible deal!  SlimFit90 will award $1000 in prizes to those who work the hardest! 

Our personal training sessions and indoor boot camps are based on functional training. Functional training involves cutting-edge workouts using kettle bells, medicine balls, suspension and cable-based exercises that isolate and target key muscle groups for a full body workout. It originated in physical therapy, but consists of movements that help you move and become more efficient in sport and in life.  While working to strengthen the cardiovascular system, functional style training can be tailored to the individual to improve personal fitness levels and reach individual goals.

Nutrition coaching is offered to all clients at no additional charge. We are proponents of low carbohydrate, natural eating. The whole foods diet involves staying away from refined, processed foods. We believe in eating nuts, seeds, lean meats, vegetables, and fruits. Dairy, grains, and legumes are limited.  We hold monthly nutrition classes to help our clients work their way to the whole foods diet so that they may achieve optimal performance. We proudly carry Advocare nutritional supplements. Ask us about the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!

Our typical bootcamp class consists of a warmup followed by an intense, timed multiple round workout. All fitness levels are welcome!